Japanese Text Generator

Japanese text generator generates 2 diverse Japanese style text fonts and these style letters come from the Unicode standard. This allows you to convert English word into Japanese text letters. This is for those who wants fancy texts or something different for their social media status, bio and else.

In amongst all the Japanese characters, there are many characters that’s some kind of look like characters from the Latin alphabet such as "乇" looks like "E", 乙” look likes “Z”, “ム” look like A and “尺”is similar to “R”. So you can use such letters to produce a Japanese font for English characters.

You just need to put your desire letters, text or sentence in order to get what you want from generatorfonts.com to generate for you. Then copy it and paste into anywhere on social media you want to place.

Generator Fonts

ャェエェケヲサカケ ォカエサコ

g乇刀乇丂ムuア丂 キア刀uイ