Copy and Paste Symbols

This is full of many symbols with many categories such as Arrows Symbols, Chinese Symbols, Circle Symbol, Corner Symbol, Currency Symbol, Japanese Symbols, Korean Symbols, Math’s Symbol, Numbers Symbol, Punctuations, Stars, Copyright, Trademark, Office & Law Symbols, Astrological & Zodiac Sign Symbols.

These symbols can be used consequently. You just need to copy and paste symbols. You can also use them in any designing project such as brochure, catalogue, business card design, about us page and so on. All what you need is to just copy and paste. That’s it.

Here I am pasting some symbols with category titles.

Heart Symbol: დ

Astrological Symbol: ☯ ☣ ♌

Stars Symbol: ✿ 🌟 ✥

Corners Symbol: ╔ 〨 ╣

Fraction Symbol: ‱ ⅜ ⅔

Japanese Symbols: ぬ ゑ ゼ ロ ㍿