Copy and Paste Symbols

The use of copy and paste symbols in digital communications has become increasingly common. They are an easy means of indicating something should be copied or pasted. This method of indicating something needs to be copied or pasted, which traditionally would take up two separate lines, now only takes up one line with the introduction of copy and paste symbols. Mobile phones often use these symbols because of space limitations.

Copy and Paste Symbols is a new feature that allows users to select any Unicode character and copy it into their document.

Users can then paste the copied text into any app they are using, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Excel Online, OneDrive for Business.

When the user copies text with the Copy and Paste Symbols feature they will see an icon next to it indicating its type.

This is full of many symbols with many categories such as Arrows Symbols, Chinese Symbols, Circle Symbol, Corner Symbol, Currency Symbol, Japanese Symbols, Korean Symbols, Math’s Symbol, Numbers Symbol, Punctuations, Stars, Copyright, Trademark, Office & Law Symbols, Astrological & Zodiac Sign Symbols.

These symbols can be used consequently. You just need to copy and paste symbols. You can also use them in any designing project such as brochure, catalogue, business card design, about us page and so on. All what you need is to just copy and paste. That’s it.

Here I am pasting some symbols with category titles.

Heart Symbol: დ

Astrological Symbol: ☯ ☣ ♌

Stars Symbol: ✿ 🌟 ✥

Corners Symbol: ╔ 〨 ╣

Fraction Symbol: ‱ ⅜ ⅔

Japanese Symbols: ぬ ゑ ゼ ロ ㍿

What is Symbols?

In ancient civilizations, people communicated through symbols. These symbols were seen as a way of preserving messages from one generation to the next. The Egyptians’ hieroglyphs, for example, are a set of symbols that represent words and phrases, providing clues to the speaker’s meaning. Ancient Greek geometric patterns also conveyed messages. The symbol for Hermes was a staff wrapped in a snake and Athena's was an owl with an olive branch.

In many cultures, symbols are used to convey messages and send a message to the receiver. Each symbol has a different meaning and in most cases, it can be considered a form of art. For example, a simple circle with a line going through it is the symbol for "no smoking" in many areas.

Symbols have been used in various ways throughout history for different reasons.