Text Symbols Letters

Text symbols letters is a simple font generator that allow you to converts any regular text into text symbols which be similar to the normal alphabet letters, such as ﻮєภєгคՇ๏г Ŧ๏ภՇร | ♠🍩  ᵍ𝔢ᶰⓔŘa𝐓𝕆𝔯 𝕗ⓞ几𝐭𝔰  👍♞

It converts text into quite a lot of symbol sets including different font styles such as Glitch or Zalgo, Lenny Faces, Japanese Text, Symbols and emoji’s etc. So, yes, this would be amazing to put text symbols letters in any of your social media account and let others be surprised to see what you’ve written in an awesome way.